Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Friends or Lovers?

For the love of God, please, don't fall in love with your friend! Or your best friend for that matter! The pain is not worth it, I repeat, is NOT worth it!

But if you really, really can't help it...a word from the wise: tell her at once. Don't wait for the time when she starts acting all weird and nice on you and you can't help but fall in love with her because of it.

Warning! Those feelings aren't real! If this happened to you, I'm 234% sure u have MASSIVE insecurities. Mistaking kindness for affection, friendship for romance...sureball signs that you're falling in love not with the person, but with the concept.

DON'T let that happen to you. I love you fellas too much to see you fall for the same mistake.

The mistake of jeopardizing a perfect friendship for the sake of romantic notions.

I'll be paying for it forever if I didn't stop in time. Damn you, Cupid! Damn you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Die RB!

RB..I hope you die a slow and painful death. I want you to die of autoerotic asphyxiation or internal hemorrhage and crawl slowly towards my feet and die where you lay.

And when you do, I hope Hell swallows your wretched, pitiful soul and send it to the deepest pits where you will writhe in agony and despair over a slow burning fire tended by none other than the devil himself.

Ahh..happy thoughts are nice. No wonder nakakarma ako. Hahaha.

Monday, May 09, 2005

the search is over

I'm happy today and a bit relieved.

A lot of dangling subplots still left hanging in the air, but an otherwise good effort on my part.

I have run the marathon. I have launched the kamikaze fighters into the air. I have called upon Menelaus' fleet and charged head on towards the beach head with nothing but love on my side.

But unfortunately, love wasn't on my side after all. He was 500 miles away, in a bomb-proof bunker with his trusted aides, waiting for a body count.

Naah, it wasn't that bad.

Wouldn't wanna divulge any details, she might have already read this. Waah!

But you know what? I'm starting to appreciate the power of romantic failure. There always comes a time when you get tired of the hero successfully romancing the girl. Sometimes stories of the guy courting a girl but gets sweetly rejected after are the most underrated kinds of love stories.

To say that everybody loves a happy ending is bullshit. Have you met everybody?

Anyway, stories about the lead being rejected by the girl he likes only becomes sweet if the lead accepts his complete failure with a smile on his face and a lesson learned. Coz if he didn't learn from that encounter, the story becomes tragic, doesn't it?

Ahh, to say that youth is wasted on the young is bullshit. This is what being young is all about.

Savor the love, kiddies. Savor the love.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello Lucban! Hello Lucban!

Went to Lucban, Quezon last Sunday to Monday for a little downtime with the folks. Okay, I know it's late (or should i say stale) news but I have lots of interesting material..hahahah!

Lucban didn't have that much to see...basically it's ur typical rural baranggay with lots of old-style houses and fields of rice. Actually, it was basically boring..:D The only thing I liked about the trip is that the bus serendipititously passes by the house of my one love. Even tried lookin for it, lookin out the window, for goodness sakes!

But I digress. Here are some stuff in Lucban that I found out.

1. Lucban girls are HOT

What's that? Did I hear that right? HOT? YOu got that right! Call me an idiot, but it's amazing for me that for such a rural province, Lucban sure has it's share of hotties. The resort we stayed in there had LOADS of local bikinis no less. Not to mention the resort owner's daughter was THE bomb. But the real smorgasboard was in the town proper itself. Jeez I flirted with each and every hot girl I saw there.


2. The Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is AWESOME

I feel weird talking about this after the hottie comments, but if any of you reading this has plans going to Lucban, I suggest you go to this place. At first it looks basically like a church with healing water. But the real people catcher here is the 200-plus foot mountain beside it.

It's been turned into a virtual stairway to heaven, with 292 steps towards the top, where a 50 foot statue of the ressurected Christ welcomes everyone who made the sweaty and tiring trip up. It's a very humbling experiece as you climb toward the top. The way is exhausting since the steps are really steep, and since there are no guard rails or anything, nothing will stop you from falling 200 feet down if you do fall. But if you're patient and persistent, you'll be rewarded with the huge Christ statue and the spectacular view of Quezon on a bright day.

Oh well, I might have gone to Lucban against my will, but I'm kinda glad I say those during my stay.

Now whatcha waitin for? Go to Lucban! Climb 292 steps towards Christ! Oh, and get some numbers from girls while you're at it..*wink*

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