Monday, August 08, 2005

Starstruck: William Thio in Glorietta!

Wednesday Lupet Nights! are gone. 3rd week and the same weird, war time and charity shows are being aired. Pray to God you're just updating and readying your second season, or I promise you no one will be left standing here on earth after I'm through.


Just a filler...I just saw William Thio (of Bestfriends fame...the guy I've been writing about along with the luscious Abby Cruz..aren't you reading?! Damn!) in Glorietta today, August 8. I was taller than him by about 2 inches...and his smile just practically disarmed that fruit shake stand** lady. He sounds exactly like he is on TV, and from the looks of it, acts soooo nice and gentleman like. And he looks like he doesn't have a shred of hang-up on him, with his yellow shirt and his faded jeans and his worn out rubber shoes...he looks just like one of us! Trust me, girls...I got 20% estrogen in me and I have to say he's effin hot!

It was so embarassing, me convulsing and writhing on the dining table at FoodChoices while my best buds, Josh and JL, and my classmate Cheryl, looked on. Sorry, guys, but I can't help it if one of the stars of my fave shows was sitting 3 feet from where I was! Unfortunately, none of my so-called pals watch Bestfriends, leaving me without anyone to share this delight to. T____T

I was like imagining scenes in my head like what if I went over and had a chat with the fellow? "Dude, I LOVE you in Bestfriends! What happened na ba between you and Abby? You left me hangin', dawg!"

That meeting was best left to my imagination.

Dammit, Will! What happened to Bestfriends?!

**dunno if it was the fruit shake stand...I was busy staring at him to really care.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

random rant no. 4

Hmm...either I'm glareingly stupid and dumb at the same time, or Bestfriends (or the rest of Wednesday Lupet! Nights for that matter) have been replaced by documentaries about war victims and telethons for world peace. Who the hell needs world peace?! I want Bestfriends to come back!


I have this funny habit of wanting girls I don't like, and liking girls I'm not meant for. Sexy-tight-pants-and-tinted-sunglasses-wearing-tube-top-sporting-bra-excluding-mestiza beehotches get me all hot and bothered under the collar (and somewhere else entirely)...but their sole purpose (hopefully) in my life is fantasy fullfillment only...not the type I see myself in a serious relationship with. Seriously. But I would go wishing to God for a chance at this sweet thing, while she advertises her hot bod like it was the last commodity on earth, while I'm thinking that if she looks hot with her uniform on, what more without it?

I like them. All their breasts, all their birthing hips...but I don't really like them.

But then again, there are those girls who are sweet, charming, oozing with smart and what not...full of vigor with life, who greets everyone she meets with a smile, without a single cell of vanity or vengeance in their body...and I fall head over heels with them (for good reason) but lo and behold, Cupid fires just one arrow from his bow, figuring he could leave me all by himself with all this love raging inside me. And I fail.

Sonovabitch's got a lot of explaining to do the next time I see him.
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