Friday, December 09, 2005

To my sweetie


I do! I've never thought of anyone else but you!
I wake up in the morning thinking of you!
I go to school thinking if you've gone to school too!
When I get home all I wanted is to talk to you!
To find out if you're fine, you're ok, you've done your homework
If you've fixed your room, if you've eaten dinner
if you've gone to the mall or just about to go!
I love you! I love the way you say you're S's and T's!
I love the way you make me feel I can do something!
THat I can do something better with myself!
With my life!
I love you! If i can show you how much, i will!
I want to be your friend! Your ally! Your kris kringle!
Your confidant! Your love!
You're free to do whatever you want! I love you just the way you are!
I love you just that way!
I love you!!

ps: the philosophy quote WAS a quote. I never loved anyone as much as you.

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