Saturday, May 13, 2006

Overnight: 2!

As I type, I celebrate my second hour into my second overnight at the office. In hindsight, I could have done this on Monday, but I love my job so much. :)

As I type, I notice that I'm the only one left in this vast office. Do you know how scary that sounds? At least the only TV left open in the office is still on, hence CNN is keeping me company.

I'm hugging a Mirmo de Pon doll the office had made for its promo. Its sooooo cute! I'll take a pic for you guys to see.

All the interns have gone home. Hopefully I'll see China again.

I just can't stop staring at Mirmo. I wish I could buy some food downstairs at Mini-stop but I can't coz I'm scared of the stories about the Sadako-like ghost of a kid in elevator eight (whether it's bullshit or not, I'll never know...but I'm not gonna risk it.)

I miss my bed. Hopefully I'll sleep fully tomorrow night.

I'll sleep in a little while maybe...thanks for keeping me company... :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eternal sunshine on a pock-marked week on the job :D

Wow! First week on the job and I'm already feeling the after effects that will haunt me for the rest of my natural life! But I digress...surely there are exciting things that happen here in our lovely office!

And I will not disappoint! For your enjoyment, blow by blow of my first week on the job:


I came in at 10am and answered some questionnaires and filled up some forms that will soon become my payslips. Questionnaire asks if I'm good at hosting a game show. I write 'NO'.

I am introduced to my boss, Sir (Kuya/Ninong/Tito) Art, who ribs me about my formal attire (business suits in an office full of T-shirts and jeans) and gleefully shows me around the office and hands me my first assignment. I accept the challenge, thinking that it will take me just a couple of hours to do it. I end up going home at 10pm.

None as of yet. I was feeling doozy.



Tuesday comes and it's no different. I am introduced to more people and introduced to the system of work in the office. I write a script, have it approved by my boss, have it approved by his boss, send it to the voice-over kuya, capture images in the betacam player (who will soon betray me), lay it out on the computer...whew...never mind. Needless to say it's tiring but rewarding.

Got out of the office by 10pm. Overtime pay? You make me laugh.


"Lumayu-layo ka sakin, hayup ka at baka mahampas kita ng keyboard!"
"Tigil tigilan mo ako at baka gilitan kita ng leeg dyan leche ka!"

--from an officemate of mine who's a real character, always shouting and stuff. As in walang pakundangang sumigaw. Must be the effects of the office...



Nothing in particular. My post-production day is here. If you don't know what post-production means, just ask any masscom or advertising student coz I'm too tired to type it here. Anyway, my plug was finished, and it was shown to my boss Sir Art, who liked it, and his boss, Miss Chitchat, who liked it too.


"Your first plug? Nice! Good work!"

--Miss Chitchat (who isn't easily impressed at her saying this just made me like my work more)


DAY 4 of reckoning. Day started off normally in at 10am...watched some tapes...

Then, at exactly 2:40 PM, the goddamn betacam player ATE my tape.

As in kinain, minumog at dinura.

You will never know the feeling I had when I saw the ERROR message in the player. I was sweating bullets and I'm thinking of resigning. When the technician got the tape out, the tape was all scrunched up and torn.

Sir Art was speechless and made me type an incident report. This is starting to look like a loooong day...

Anyway, this IS a long day...coz I slept in the office after an all-nighter. It continues to Day 5.


"Eto lang sasabihin ko ha....

mga PUTANG INA KAYONG LAHAT pag di kayo pumunta sa Splash Island!!!"

--Sir Eric eloquently telling us about our outing on May 5. (Sorry to say, sir, pero putang ina na po ako...T___T)



As I slowly opened my eyes that day, I realized I dozed off in one of the editing rooms, lying on the sofa. As I looked up, I saw Ate Gladys looking over her shoulder at me. Embarrased, I hurriedly got up and looked for my boss, who I found sleeping in the other room (He promised me days like this...and he ain't kiddin').

I hurried home to take a bath and came back at 10am. At 4pm, the whole company went to the general assembly (a get-together of sorts). Actress/VJ/Wowowee-er Iya Villania was the host.

One of the highlights of that meeting was when she announced the new recruits of the company. Trust me, Iya-freaking-Villania saying my name out loud was the greatest thing that happened to me this year.


" Salirey?"

--Iya saying my name with her pretty Aussie accent :)


So, in closing:

Working is fun...:D
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