Sunday, September 09, 2007

I pray this never happens to you.

I pray that this never happens to you.


What are the stupid things you would do for love?

Not the "dance in the rain naked" or "steal flowers from a flower shop to give to her" kind of stupid. I'm talking about the kind of stupid that will leave hearts broken, prides hurt, and people angry.

Another question: how would you feel if someone close to you does something really stupid for love? It may be your sibling, or it may be your closest friend, or even your own mom and dad.

How would you feel if that someone engaged in destructive behavior in the name of "love?" Namely, going out, doing stuff, or maybe fucking around with someone already in a relationship?

Call it two-timing, double crossing, anything you like...but no matter how pretty you paint it as, no one can deny the damage this sort of action does to people. It's the lowest, most despicable form of superdickery you could possibly do. It's that low because two-timing destroys trust, which is the very foundation of any good relationship. No, not just destroy, it basically crumbles that trust with their very own hands, drop it on the ground and gets it pissed on for good measure.

That's why I think two-timers are the worst sort of shit on earth. Mind you, I've never been two-timed before (that one time doesn't count, as we were never in a relationship to begin with), but it's just so frustrating to know that someone close to me is dicking around with a guy who already has a girlfriend, and thinks that it's "cool" coz "she knows what she's doing".

And what's worse about it is, I can't do anything about it. I try to intervene, I'll look like butting in on someone else's business. I kill the guy, I end up in jail. And I hate the fact that even though it's morally, ethically, and emotionally wrong, both parties are okay with it, traipsing around with a wink and a smile, saying "we're just having fun!"

And being powerless is the worst feeling in the world.

So I let it go on, seeing those happy smiles and secret stow-aways into the darkness, praying that if I can't teach her that it's wrong, then she should learn the hard way. God forbid she does something she'll regret the rest of her life, but *knock on wood* I hope she learns before its too late to turn back.

I will not, however, knock on wood wishing the guy to be castrated and locked and burned alive in the very same conveyance he uses to execute his dirty dealings. One less idiot to populate my world.

And if I find out that he's doing improper things (for my apprehension of using a stronger language. Kids read my blog too) to this person close to me...not even death, not even hell (which is the place I'm practically sure he'll end up in), not even the devil himself will inflict so much pain to this person as I will.

I pray, dear reader, that this never happens to you.
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