Friday, February 27, 2009

My Week in Comics: February 27, 2009

I’d like to take this time to apologize for not updating as often as I should. It’s been crazy and heartbreakingly sad these past few weeks…thank God then for the new comics that perk me up every Friday! Speaking of gods, it’s time for the most verbose comic reviews around! And what’s shaking this week proves to be, well, godly.

Gail Simone should be damn thankful to Aaron Lopresti for making Wonder Woman #29 one of the most gorgeous looking books this week, to hide the fact that the story inside is kind of meh. Even battle-scarred and having her bones “grind against each other with each breath”, Lopresti’s Wonder Woman still looks damn gorgeous and regal. Also, A. Lo (has anybody else called him this before? If not, you heard it here first!) treats us to a catfight between Wondy and Cheetah that’s both brutal and stunning to look at.

As for the story…well, it left me wanting, to say the least. Maybe it’s because I’m new to Wonder Woman and I don’t know about the Olympians and what their connection is with all this, but the sight of Zeus going medieval on a fellow god (from another religion, no less!) just makes me feel iffy, and Simone hasn’t really given me enough reasons to care about this storyline that’s running parallel to Wondy’s. And the Origins and Omens back-up story didn’t really do much than show one of those freaky Oans shoot black tears at yet another retelling of Diana’s origin. Yes, that’s exactly how I understood it, but given my unstable mental countenance as of late, taking anything in this book by face value is the only way I could get a chuckle out of it. Regardless, it’s 7 out of 10.

Now Nova is finally getting somewhere. In this ish, a powerless Richard Rider hitches a ride with his dad back to Project PEGASUS to run some tests. After Worldmind downright told everybody that Rich has gone nuts due to prolonged exposure to the Nova Force just last issue, our hero wants to know if it’s true. In the end, Rich is given a clean bill of mental health, which confirms what we’ve all feared: that the supercomputer that’s building an army of brainwashed Nova Corspmen is the one who’s batshit insane!

After the couple of dud issues we’ve had, this is a development that has piqued my interests. So how do you stop a super-intelligent (and batshit insane) supercomputer residing in the brain of an enormous planet with a face from recruiting the hell out of unqualified people in your planet? I don’t know, but the good part is I want to find out. And along with a shocker ending I thought I would only see in telenovelas, Nova #22 gets an 8 out of 10.

Next we have X-Force #12. One wonders…with the sheer amount of people who die in almost every issue (1,100 people die in this issue alone!), why don’t the people or the media make a big deal out of it? But I digress. Here, the Leper Queen is using a strain of the Legacy Virus to infect mutants capable of widespread, area of effect powers… using them as living bombs to commit acts of terrorism and defame what’s left of the mutant population! Imagine a mutant with the power to shoot atomic missiles from every pore on his body infected with the Legacy virus…that kind of crowd control will work wonders on mutant PR.

X-Force gets a lot of mixed reviews, but I could see how people can’t like this. It’s turning people like Angel and Warpath uncharacteristically into murderers, and you know how we fanboys can get a bit uptight about OOC-ness. But I guess that’s what I like about this book…it’s a place no one has dared to go before, and writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are talented enough to not make it into a bloody, mindless mess that goes for the violence just for the sake of violence. It’s all good, and I mean 8.5 out of 10 good.

I saved the best for last, and it couldn’t get any better than Incredible Hercules #126, where we’re finally told the origin of Hercules, get a blow by blow synopsis of everything that has happened to Herc so far, and learn the final fate of Kirby the Pup, all in one issue!

The first part is all about Herc’s origin, cleverly told by writers Grek Pak and Fred Van Lente. It’s actually a very powerful story of what motivated Herc to be the true hero he is today. But then again, you might have just noticed the sound effects you’ve come to expect from these guys (KRAKKANAKKS is the sound of an axe cracking? *Mind blown*) Oh, and artist Rodney Buchemi is a god among men. His goddesses are gorgeous and powerful (and naked most of the time)…and who knew that before becoming a drunken, immortal lout, Herc was actually kind of dreamy?

The second story, The Search for Kirby, has Amadeus Cho meet up with Bruce Banner/Hulk to look for Kirby (who if you may recall was replaced by a Skrull during Secret Invasion), who just happens to be living beside a fully loaded and armed Army base. It has its moments of awesome, but in the end it’s more of a poignant story. Read its last few pages and dare to tell me your eyes didn’t water at the sight, especially with Takeshi Miyazawa doing the art, perfectly capturing the wistful tone of the entire story.

All in all, Incredible Hercules #126 is a tour de force of writers and artists brought together to create what could possibly be the most perfect comic I’ve ever read so far. It’s got a good mix of action, comedy, drama and thoughtfulness you never thought to expect from a Herc comic, totally deserving 10 out of 10.

Looks like the good comics keep on rolling my way! I tell ya, Year of the Ox is lucky for us comic geeks! So, if you’ve got any suggestions, reactions, or just want to gush at “dreamy Herc” with me, send a comment my way using the comment box below! My Week in Comics is up every Friday. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

If I were in Rob's Place, I'd go to this...

Forgive me, Tom Spurgeon, for stealing your line for this one!

I know it's kind of late, but just in case you haven't heard, or you'll happen to be at Robinson's Midtown Mall this Saturday and Sunday (February 28 and March 1, respectively), then don't forget to pass by the 3rd TAGCOM (Toys, Anime, Gaming, Comics) Toys and Hobbies Convention! I'll be passing by to hopefully cover the event for my blog, meet all my fellow comic book, anime and toy geeks, and to shop till I bleed my wallet and myself dry.

Curiously, HERO TV is apparently a sponsor of the thing despite me working for them and hearing nothing about it...but hey, admission is free! All is forgiven!

Steam Wars!

Action figures are pretty sweet, but some people find it sweeter in making their own. Now personally, I'm not a big fan of customized action figures, because half the time they look like crap (due to lack of skill, lack of materials or whatever)...but if there had to be a measuring stick to which any customized action fig should be compared, it's the stuff that looks like this:

It's from the mind of a obscenely talented guy named Sillof, and this is his vision of how Star Wars would look like in a steampunk setting. That's right, the guy was so unimpressed by the awesomeness of Star Wars that he decided to reimagine it into something just as (if not more) awesome. In action figure form. Hey, anybody who can make even C-freaking-3PO look badass is a demi-god in my eyes.

And never has Darth Vader looked more terrifying (and more classy) in a French coat and high boots. What's Darth Vader in French, anyway? I bet Sillof knows, and I bet it sounds just as awesome.

These are all customized figures, meaning they were made by taking different parts of other action figures and putting them together to make something else. Guess which figures these guys were made of! (It's sorta easy to guess, if you've been into action figs long enough) But Sillof's real talent lies in his execution...the transition is so seamless, you wouldn't think "Oh, that's Cannonball's head!" Guy's got some real talent, dawg.

Check out more of his stuff on his website (tons of awesome await!). Now I gotta go see if I can scavenge enough of my old figs to build Banzai Girl the way she's supposed to be!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two of a kind?

(L-R) Chowking Value Kings logo, and the logo for the upcoming Marvel cosmic event War of Kings. Coincidence?

This is when you know you've been reading too much comic books. And eating too much Chinese food.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There are two things I like about Power Girl

...and it's not just her prodigious expanse of pectoral real estate.

It's the release of Power Girl #1, by bosom buddies Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Or specifically, the cover(s) for it.

In a bit of a nice touch, Power Girl #1 will ship with a pair of covers (at a 50/50 ratio no less. Can't let one get bigger than the other!), one by Conner and the other by another fave of mine, the uber-talented Adam Hughes. So which one should I pick?

(L-R) Amanda Conner cover, and Adam Hughes cover. Click to enlarge. Not that Power Girl needs any more enlarging...

Let's get this straight, though...I don't care about alternate/variant covers. Why the hell should I buy two comics with different covers when they're both the same inside? But covers this gorgeous make me think twice about my penny-pinching ways. I guess when it comes to anything Power Girl, two of one thing ain't so bad. As it is, I'm having a hard time picking which one of these babies to grab!

I'm out of boob jokes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Week in Comics: Captain Britain and the MI:13 #10

Having been a comic book geek all these years, I just knew at the back of my mind that there will come a comic that will shatter the humdrum drolly-dol of week-in, week-out funnybook reading. Thank goodness then, for Captain Britain and the MI:13 #10.

In this issue, the team gets some downtime in a pub after their harrowing ordeal with the demon Plotka just last ish. Now, writer Paul Cornell could have left it at that, but he throws in a little something extra and gives us great insights into each and every character. It's not just talking heads here...every scene fleshes out these characters and their relationships with each other satisfyingly (the Black Knight/Faiza scene tugged at some heartstrings, to be honest). And in a bit of self-acknowledging genius, Blade actually admits to being such a caricature of himself and tries to learn not to keep his 'badaaaass vampire hunter' switch on all the time. Which is a great step towards relatability as a character, Mr. Blade.

Oh, and have I mentioned Spitfire beating some fucking SAS guys (these are some of the toughest SOBs in life) in a chugging contest? I think I found my soul mate.

But it's not all fun and games though, as the immortal vampire Dracula finally unleashes his devious plan to invade England, which involves shooting vampires towards Earth using vampire cannons stationed on the moon.

Repeat after me, people: Shooting vampires at Earth. Using vampire cannons. Stationed on the motherfucking moon. Comics just don't get any better than this. Dracula is stepping up his game, and I freaking love it.

And to round off this awesome comic is artist Leonard Kirk, who steps up the atmosphere for the Lord of Vampires himself. I've only seen Marvel's Dracula through old scans but I like how Kirk does him here: terrifying and over-the-top, just the way he likes it.

This is money well-spent, people. It's the perfect jumping on point for new readers of the series, and it's just so goddamn awesome. If there's a comic all other comics should aspire to be, it's this one!

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Week in Comics: February 6, 2009

When someone tells me "You're under arrest forever", I will never know if I should pee my pants or laugh my ass off. Oh, H.A.M.M.E.R. guys, don't ever change!

Oh wait, you should. Coz you sicken me and I can't wait for Dark Reign to be over.

But I's time for the most verbose comic reviews this side of the Pearl of the Orient! Speaking of which, let's see what shook our pearly shores this week!

Invincible Iron Man #10 is all sorts of things, and not one of them is boring. It's got Norman Osborn working the press real good (how he got his spin-doctor skills this good is intriguing). It's got Tony and Maria Hill getting it on while all his armors record everything (or at least that's what we want to happen!), and it's got Pepper Potts going Iron Maiden on all our asses. Never has so much metal appeared in an issue as this!

I'm totally loving how Matt Fraction is going Michael Bay movie on us with each succeeding issue. The fights, the shallow intrigue, the nookie while hundreds of sentient armors watch and the explosions that pepper the page like so much...uh...pepper. It just makes for an exciting read-through. This gets an 8 out of 10.

Agents of Atlas debuts this month with a solid issue #1. I've never heard of these guys before getting this, so I don't know how they're supposed to operate, but their 'good guys acting bad' shtick certainly piqued my comic-reading interests. But even that pales in comparison to the fact that once you have that basic premise out of the way, what you have here is basically a Chinese guy leading a team that includes what appears to be the goddess of love herself, a talking gorilla, and a guy with a glass bubble on his head that lives in a flying saucer, among others. It's that sort of wacky, fanciful team dynamic that makes you wonder how the hell they're supposed to get along. And it's that sort of curiosity that makes me come back for more.

Not to mention, this issue sees the third (?) time in two years that a Marvel superhero has visited our shores. Yes folks, the Philippines is getting closer and closer to being recognized as more than just a name to rattle off in a list of superhuman casualties. I won't tell you who it is or what he did, but needless to say it's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, check out the art on this one. Carlo Pagulayan and his team pulled out all the stops to make this the most awesome looking book out this week. Never has Namorita looked this damn good while kicking loads of ass. And a naked (!) Venus seals the deal for me (you know how I just love the naked wimmens in my funnybooks. :) ) It's an all-around great package that, while starting off a bit slow, is interesting enough to get you to pick up the next issue. A great-looking 9 out of 10.

Great books this week. The Year of the Ox is starting to look good for comic books! Let's hope the good luck sticks. As always, if you want to discuss anything I mentioned today, or just want to talk about a naked Venus without being laughed at, the comment box below is your best friend. My Week in Comics is up every Friday. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Webcomics I Love: Menage A 3

Lordy! If that isn't the most PG-13 title I've seen on this blog so far! But I's another Wednesday, and I promised to deliver some good webcomics. And our featured webcomic this week takes the concept of Three's Company, mixes in lesbians, geeks and comics, turns it on its head and sticks it in a webcomic we all wish we could write: Menage A 3.

Set in Montreal, the finest bohemian city in North America, Ma3 follows the lives of comic book geek, Gary and his way-sexier-than-he-is roommates in their Montreal tight-as-a-sandwich apartment; where the walls are so thin there are virtually no barriers between their rooms.

I never thought I'd see 'comic book geek' and 'sex' in the same sentence, but there you go!

It's hilarious, it's got some cute and catchy art, it's got a comic book geek sandwiched between a blonde French bombshell and a cute punk lesbian doing all sorts of things not safe to print, and they do it without being overly offensive and prurient....what more can you possibly ask for? Start reading Menage A 3 now and get your cold, cold nights steaming. Oh and it's NSFW (Not Safe for Work) in case you're curious.

But checking it in the privacy of your home is loads better. :)

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