Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coming Soon: Blackest Night Bling!

So it's been around for a while that, to coincide with the release of their latest mega-event Blackest Night, DC Comics gave away limited supplies of promotional Black Lantern rings to comic book shops with every sale of Blackest Night #1. I didn't pick up said book, so I don't know if our local comic shops like Comic Odyssey or Planet X Comics pulled through on that one.

Blackest Night Lantern Rings
But needless to say people enjoyed the hell out of owning a 3D manifestation of a Lantern ring that DC is going balls-out by releasing the entire spectrum of promotional Lantern rings (from the popular Green to Sinestro Yellow to Rage Red) starting in November in a promotional frenzy for the upcoming finale of Blackest Night. Everybody's gonna go ring-crazy come November!

...Or not, since I talked to the owner of Planet X Comics and he confirmed that they will reach our pearly shores this November, but they're neither free nor plentiful...because they'll be selling them for 50 Pesos (under $1) a pop! That sucks, since I'm such a cheap, miserly bastard, but then again they have DC's blessing to dispose them as they please. And it comes off cheaper for me that way, anyway. 500 Pesos for the entire set of rings, plus one or two more Greens or Blacks for your best buds? Effin' sold!

Man, I love it when comic companies do these little promotions, like when DC bagged those black mourning armbands with Superman #75 way back when. I wish more comic companies would do stuff like this. The possibilities are endless!

If I were you, I'd mark the hell out November on my calendar right now. I can't wait to have difficulty typing with so many Lantern rings on my fingers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Webcomics I Love: Happle Tea

Well what do you know? It's Wednesday! The middle of the week between dreaded Mondays and sweet salvation of weekends. And do you know of a better way to spend a Wednesday than to read up on some webcomics? I don't!

This one was suggested by my best buddy at The Killah Kamikaze Blog, and it has just enough amounts of insane AND win to keep readers happy. I'm talking about Happle Tea (

Happle Tea
Happle Tea is the crazy brainchild of one Scott Maynard and is touted to be "the only comic that excoriates religion, pop culture, and politics while, at the same time, lauding the world of cryptozoology." I don't know what the hell he means by that, but I don't particularly care, since the main character has a sasquatch for a best buddy and what appears to be God dressed up as a cute, foul-mouthed kitty. Madness.

Check it out for yourselves, fellow geeks. There's no cuter way to kill time than downing a tall glass of Happle Tea.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marvel Legends Fan Poll Results!

Man oh man...just when I thought I was pull me back in!

For those out of the loop, Hasbro (ye olde makers of Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe) recently made the Marvel Legends Fans Choice Poll, asking fans which three characters do they want included in the next Marvel Legends 2-pack wave. The poll listed a lot of familiar names (Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc) and some freaking obscure ones (like Brother Voodoo, Bi-beast and Nuke [who the hell is Nuke?!]). A lot of discussion got bandied around the internets, and a lot of votes were cast. Now the results are out, and the top three emerged as crowd favorites.

Top 1: Deadpool

Top 2: Valkyrie

Top 3: Black Widow

The results are sending people into a frenzy. The toy forums I frequent have casual collectors happy to get updates of new characters, with hardcore collectors bitching that they won't get new, obscure characters like Terror Inc. or Phantomex and accusing people of wasting their votes on Deadpool! I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

I voted for Black Widow, Havok and Ms. Marvel, and even though I was 1 out of 3, I'm happy to at least get a Black Widow with a sculpt that won't make me want to dry heave (I'm looking at you, ML8 Black Widow!). And since I like figures with guns, that Deadpool is already a lock for me too, so it's all good! These three characters will be joined by three of Hasbro's picks which will be announced 'soon'.

To be honest, whatever the hell Hasbro's picks are is entirely moot. Black Widow, prepare to join your Mighty Avengers family soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Combat Storm: Your little plastic army men now have a use again!

Ever had those little green plastic Army men you can buy by the buckets at the supermarket? I had tons of those when I was a kid, and they looked hella awesome with the lot of them standing around in a diorama. But back then that's all they were good for (except for sometimes tying them to a cheap plastic bag and making them paradrop for no reason), and they were either discarded or left to rot in bodegas forever.

It was then that I came across talk of organized rules for setting up a miniatures gaming system similar to Warhammer or Heroclix using these Army men guys. They called it Combat Storm.

I think I'd like to repeat that.

Organized rules. For a miniature war game. Using cheap plastic army men.

Combat Storm
My mind was blown.

So I checked them out and sure enough, I was impressed. Dubbed as "the definitive rulebook for miniature wargaming using plastic army men," Combat Storm is a rules system that makes use of Army men from the 'dirt-cheap toys' aisle to play out your own tabletop battlefield scenario. It's crazy to think that someone looked at those little green guys and thought, "there should be a 'grown-up' game I could play using these. I think I'll go make one."

What's cool is that they gave personalities to each Army men sculpt. That guy with the Garand? That's a Rifleman, able to make shots from long range. That dude throwing a grenade? He's a Demolition's Expert, with enough grenades and C4 to level a building. There's also a Sniper, an Anti-Tank Personel, and lots more, and you can put them all together to make a badass 'army' and recreate all kinds of wartime scenarios!

Not only that, they also provide papercraft buildings in case you're too lazy or can't be bothered to make a 3D map of your war zone. But where's the fun in a war zone if it ain't 3D? They have free downloads of their buildings in their website, but the better stuff are for sale at their online store.

So it now comes down to price. That's right, the Combat Storm Rulebook isn't for free (unless you get it unscrupulously). It's $19.99 (roughly P1,000 here) at their online store, but if it's as good as they say it is, that one-time sale is a steal in itself. You get a gaming system for those cheap plastic Army men (I still can't get over that fact!), have lots of fun, and indirectly help whoever the hell continues to manufacture those little guys.

Check out more of the stuff at the official Combat Storm website.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Week In Comics: War of Kings #6

Its funny how despite War of Kings being nothing but an infinitesimal blip in Marvel’s radar, ended with quite a messy, deafening bang. A bang made by a bomb designed to detonate when Black Bolt shouts into it, and and therefore exploding with such force that it exploded in an entirely different dimension, leaving a hole through space and time that’s parsecs across.

Comics are fun!

But I digress. War of Kings #6 is out, and I don't know if I should be sad that it's over, or be happy that it is. Sure the book had its awesome moments…I mean, I bet everyone and their chihuahua were jonesing for a one-on-one between Black Bolt and Vulcan (come on, this whiny sadistic bastard's been begging for a fist to the face), and this issue didn’t disappoint in that aspect. Seeing BB and Vulcan go balls-out at each other with energy blasts, naked fists, and at one point the full blast of Black Bolt's finishing move, "The Scream", had me geeking out in the worst way.

But as an ending to the War of Kings miniseries, it just leaves so much to be desired. For a comic that’s all about all-out war between two of the most powerful alien species known in the Marvel U, it all felt so contained, so restrained, like it should have been a really big deal but it’s not, and all it’s got to show for it are three dead B-listers, and a hole in time/space parsecs across. And I don't even know how big or long or hard a parsec is, and at this point I'm unlikely to care.

If there's anything good about War of Kings, it's the characterization. Everyone had their moment, their character spotlight...hell, even "Revolving Door" Smasher leaped off the page (only to be scragged an issue later...poor guy!). Nobody was a caricature or a 2d image. They all had unique, realistic 'voices' that it was hard not to relate to every single one of them. I mean, when was Ronan-the freaking-Accuser ever this introspective? Pretty mean feat for a standard-issue comic book!

It's a downright a shame, since all this build-up on Black Bolt had me as moist as a cupcake, and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have been good to me during Annihilation and Nova. But I guess DnA absolutely had to tell a story about the Inhumans, and about these two kings, and they did, and that's the one thing I can't take away from them.

So was War of Kings worth the $23.94 (1,100 in Philippine Pesos for my homies out there) you and I paid for the lot of them? All I can say is...

...I paid for it, might as well enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Webcomics I Love: Nedroid

Let's get back on the swing of things with a webcomic I've been browsing for quite some time but never got to tell everyone how awesome it is. It's a collection of cute bear and parrot pictures, as well as partying animals, but it's collectively known as Nedroid.

Nobody knows who the guy (or girl?) who's making all these awesome comics about bears and parrots living together, or about a cat with an uncontrollable urge to party, but hot damn if it isn't a fun read. The art has a simple charm to it, and the dry, ironic humor is right up my alley. And I don't know about you, but Party Cat has got to be the most adorably rendered kitty cat in the face of the internet.

If you don't know about Nedroid yet, it's high time you should. Check out some more of his stuff in his official site.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go buy a white kitty and teach it to love parties with a vengeance.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Return of The Geek

Wow, has it been a month already?

For those of you still around reading (like that one guy from Russia who seems to love this blog a lot...spasiba, comrade!), you may have noticed the steady, if not totally abrupt, decline in reading materials here at Behold The Geek!, and for that...

...I have no excuse.

I messed up.

The thing is, the gears of my life have suddenly shifted to overdrive, with work all of a sudden taking the wheel, and the obligations of an aging 20-something year old like weddings and the occasional baptism (Shit, I'm not in THAT kind of hurry!) slowly creeping up on me like never before.

And due to some hard times lately (as well as a smidgen of disillusionment in the comic book industry), I'm slowly easing off the throttle when it comes to....uh...comic books.

I know, *gasp!*, right? The people at Planet X Comics are probably pissed at me for still not picking up the fuckton of comics I still have in my file (I'll get them, I promise!). Which probably makes you wonder how the hell this blog is to survive without any (new) comics to blog about. I mean, it does say up top that I'm all about things 'comic and awesome'.

But have no fear, fellow geeks. I won't abandon this blog, nor will I let it dwindle. I'm brainstorming on some stuff to do and write as we speak, and me and my best friend's imaginary comic book company has started pre-prod on the story we've been working on for years, so it's all very exciting. But now that I've practically stopped picking up new comics, my weekly Week in Comics is going to take an extended hiatus. Anyway, I'm more of a toy collector these days, so I'll throw in some toy-related stuff for free. Oh, and also the prerequisite geeky stuff like chicks with glasses, conventions and the odd politically incorrect comic panel or two.

And yes, I know. I just apologized on the internet to people who probably don't give an askal's behind if I do. But it just feels good to know, you know?

So stand back folks, about twenty feet at least...I'm gonna start this baby back up!

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