Monday, February 22, 2010

Today, be as awesome... Piccolo fixing his cape using an old-fashioned, leg-powered sewing machine.

Because no matter how godawfully powerful you are, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing the hard way.

*Pic ain't mine, but I'll take whatever motivation I can get!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Darklich's Link Blog: Heroclix Edition!

Man, 2010 is a good year to be a Heroclix fan.

It's just been announced that WK/NECA is planning to release a set of clix based on one of the most influential graphic novels of our time, Alan Moore's Watchmen! Or at least, the movie version of it.

At the Wizkids Blog, there are pics of CG sculpts of the figs to come out of this set like the Comedian and Silk Spectre. Check out the link and PLEASE tell me I wasn't the only one laughing at the concept of a "14-inch Dr. Manhattan".

To be honest, I'm impressed at how much Wizkids is on a roll, with Hammer of Thor already hitting the tabletops of geeks everywhere, and to follow up on that is the upcoming Brave and the Bold expansion, featuring lots and lots and lots of duo figs. Check out some of the previews in this link.

And since I'm such a poor shit that I didn't get to grab the last Starter Set (which was the Fantastic Four Starter from Marvel), I'm just happy to know that WK/NECA has also been releasing previews of the next Starter Set, based on the currently-running DC event, Blackest Night. I just love what I'm seeing so far, and I'm not afraid to say its taking all of my willpower just to keep myself from squeeing like the little girl that I am. I just hope the damn starter gets here and I get to buy it or I will totally rage.

Now, if I can just find someone to play clix with me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Have you ever gone swimming in a sea of garbage?

It had to happen sooner or later, didn't it?

Manny Villar manga
Someone shared with me scans from the Manny Villar manga currently circulating Lord knows where right now.

You heard me right.

Manny. Villar. Manga.

Manny Villar manga
Now, news like this isn't exactly new. Lots of presidentiables in the past have had komiks made about their life stories before, with old-school art and dialogue that reads straight out of Hiwaga or Sindak Komiks. But to see manga tropes being used to dramatize the life of a self-made millionaire-slash-presidentiable is either an exploitation of the medium...or a stroke of genius.

Seriously, can you imagine when, like, Manny Pacquiao runs for Congressman again? We might get a manga about his life, the sort of comic Hajime no Ippo could only dream of being!

Man, now I want a mahou shoujo Loren Legarda manga.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

ROTF Divebomb Review

Divebomb is one of the latest wave of releases from the overly drawn-out Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline. Like most of the figs from this wave, Divebomb is a repaint of an earlier released character, specifically the scout class figure Ransack. This time around, the good folks at Hasbro decided to repaint that old hunk of biplane into the image of one of the most famous planes in the history of forever.

ROTF Scout Divebomb
Yes folks, Divebomb here is repainted to look like the personal plane of a certain Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron. With over 80 kills under his belt while flying the thing, that distinctive red Fokker Dr. I triplane was one of the deadliest machines to ever leave the ground and would forever be associated with total aerial badassitude. Man, Divebomb here's got some mean pedigree!

ROTF Scout Divebomb
Divebomb is cast in red plastic, with some white and black paint mimicking the markings of Manfred von Richthofen's famous ride. My Divebomb had minimal paint slop, and the white just helps his overall color pop. He looks great in vehicle mode, and even if I've already bought Ransack before (which I didn't), you wouldn't notice they're from the same mold!

ROTF Scout DivebombROTF Scout DivebombROTF Scout Divebomb

Click on the pics to enlarge the awesomeness!

If you've read any review of Ransack before this, you pretty much know all there is to know about Divebomb's robot mode. If not, then contextual clues dictate that Divebomb hold no surprises for anyone who's seen Ransack. But even with the same biplane mold, there's just something about all that red that gives Divebomb much more personality than his predecessor. You could really imagine the great Baron having a Decepticon guardian ala Bumblebee as they went on adventures picking off noobs from the sky!

Divebomb has pretty much all the articulation you might expect from a scout: ball-jointed hips and shoulders and hinged knees, elbows and feet. You pretty much have to have the dexterity of a yeoman to pose this guy, as the size and articulation makes him hard to pose in positions you want. My Divebomb is a bit floppy himself, but once you get him in the pose you want, he pretty much stays there.

ROTF Scout DivebombROTF Scout Divebomb
I especially like his 'battle mode', which basically consists of just straightening out his wings and lifting up his propeller to make it look like he's gliding. Add his machine guns and what looks like two nukes strapped to his arms and he would totally beat up Optimus Prime if he could!

ROTF Scout Divebomb
Revenge of the Fallen Divebomb is a welcome repaint that literally gives new life to an earlier mold. The Red Baron redeco just gives his robot and vehicle mode so much more personality that he can stand (or fly) all on his own.

It's already out in the local markets, so take your time picking the evenly painted ones. Though at the price point of P645.75, some might think they won't get their bang for the obviously big buck. But trust me, this is one repaint you definitely need to get!

Friday, February 05, 2010

My Week in Comics: Siege #2

My Week in Comics is a weekly look into my comic buying habits. Keep in mind that the reviews to be read here are not coming from a jaded, old comic book enthusiast but more of a wide-eyed fan of these monthly installments of yum or mush.


I picked up a lot of comics today, but though I would love to tell you what I thought about them, there was one issue that I just had to talk about (yes, more than Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods), and that’s Siege # 2.

As you know, Siege is what’s being touted as the culmination of seven years of disassembling of the status quo courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis. I was not supposed to pick up Siege at all, seeing how much I trust Bendis in giving stories a satisfying ending, but with the promise of Siege being the ‘end-all’ of all the wars and invasions and disassembling and reigns for the foreseeable future, my curiosity got the better of me.

To be perfectly blunt, this doesn't read like a Bendis book. The action is intense and feels like it's actually going somewhere, instead of the tried and tested formula he did with the 'stare at each other for four issues deciding whether to fight or not' in his previous event, Secret Invasion. Hell, the staredown and subsequent slugfest between Sentry and Ares in this issue were the most cinematic series of panels I have ever seen in a comic. And that's hell of a high praise coming from me to Mr. Bendis here, but then again, he's got Oliver Coipiel on pencils.

And what pencils! Coipiel just outdoes himself with every issue. The scope in which he's rendered this entire issue just can’t be described in words. From the wide angle shots of the battle to the fight scenes, his art never misses a beat. I think it’s safe to say that Coipiel’s carrying this event to glory all by himself.

Two issue’s in and we’re already halfway through the entire event (Siege is only four issues long), and what we have to show for it are some very dead people and very pissed off gods. With all the absolutely brutal stuff happening in the first two issues alone, its ironic that the Heroic Age of Marvel will come after all this. Let's just hope that Siege does end heroically.

My rating: 4 out of 5

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Webcomics I Love: Dresden Codak

Webcomics by nature are the very essence of fleeting entertainment, done-in-one shots of funny or awesome that you can take a quick glance for a pick-me-up and then move on to more important stuff, like doing that article your boss needs by 4pm. It's rare to see a webcomic that dares to do more with the medium, and that's exactly what this crazy dude did when he created Dresden Codak.

Dresden Codak is the brainchild of one Aaron Diaz, and it's a smorgasboard of webcomic goodness. I absolutely love this to bits. The art is simple but whimsically and beautifully rendered, and the stories deal with themes like transhumanism and Jungian concepts without boring you out of your skulls. Hell, where can you find philosophical themes illustrated to the tune of a tabletop RPG session?

It sounds deep, I know, and it is. But if webcomics that tackle abstract concepts like memories, love and loneliness in beautifully drawn webcomics isn't your cup of tea, then by God Dresden Codak will make it so.

Enough prattling. Check out Dresden Codak now!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Of Liefeld and Learning: The Creating Comics Seminar 2010

I've always dreamed of working in the comic book industry. The thought of me drawing the X-Men or Batman, illustrating their awesomeness for the whole world to see and enjoy, always got me pumped up for some reason. Which is why I'm super thankful that I was born in the generation where you've got all the stuff you need to achieve that dream: information out the wazoo, acceptance of the craft as serious business, and the annual Creating Comics Seminar.

Creating Comics Seminar 2010
When I heard that Glass House Graphics was visiting the Philippines again to hold one of their popular seminars, I didn't think twice. It's about comics, it's about making them, and it's got David Campiti. You win right there.

Creating Comics Seminar 2010
As I went inside the seminar room, the room was uncharacteristically quiet, while David Campiti was up front, being the character that he is. I love his absolutely funny insights on the American comic book industry, and he tells it like it is. No bullshit here, folks, and it's a load of laughs for it.

The venue itself (the high-tech DLSU-CSB SDA Bldg.) was pretty posh, and it didn't help that they've got some Benilde hotties manning the show. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Creating Comics Seminar 2010Creating Comics Seminar 2010
Anyway, David covered some great topics ranging from developing your own style to character design to what not to do with your art, a.k.a. anything Rob Liefeld does. And you know what? He's been ragging on Rob Liefeld's art every single time he's here, but it never gets old. You should have been there to hear about the "Rob Liefeld Shopping Mall" and "Tiny-toes...beware the might of Tiny-toes!"

Creating Comics Seminar 2010
I also got to chat with the lovely Jinky Coronado, the creator of Banzai Girl! Damn, was I starstruck. It's the first time I ever got to talk to a real live comic book creator, and she was awesome. A down to earth person with a lot to talk about, though I guess she wasn't ready when I said I was a founding member of the Banzai Girl Fan Club!

Creating Comics Seminar 2010
Of course, David can't exactly cover every single aspect of comic book creation by himself, so on Day Two he enlisted the help of no less than the most popular Filipino comic book artists in the industry today. Bong Dazo, Wilson Tortosa, Jay Ramos, J.M. Aldeguer, Dan Borgonos...this is starstruck territory, folks. These are the people I could only dream of being, and I can't help but just be inspired as they talked about coloring, inking, lettering, the stuff each and every person with a ticket that day would crawl a mile of broken glass to do.

Creating Comics Seminar 2010
It was an awesome two days of learning, drawing and laughing at other people's mistakes, but that's how you learn not to do those things. To be honest, I gotta hand it to David Campiti...even with all the horror stories he kept telling us about some Filipino artists with cold feet, bad manners and no sort of clue what they're doing, he still has enough faith in us to keep coming here every year to set us straight. I tip some gin for you, Mr. Campiti. Cheers to a successful Comic Creation Seminar 2010!

If you were there, tell me what you learned so far, and if it helped you in any way, by leaving a comment below. I wanna see if I'm not the only one learning from these things! Thanks for reading!

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