Friday, November 26, 2010

My Week in Comics: Vampirella #1

Ever since I saw Vampirella, I really wanted to get to know her. A sexy vampire alien in a skimpy red thong? What's not to love? Fortunately Dynamite Entertainment gave Vampirella here a new lease on life with Vampirella #1, introducing her to a new generation of fang fans hopped up to the eyeballs on Twilight. But make no mistake...this is no sparkly vampire we're talking about here. She'll rip your throat off and feed it to you. That's how she rolls.

In this issue, Vampirella stalks the night, contemplating on the wickedness of humans while wearing sunglasses in the evening. She's in search of somebody important, and not even a late-night mugging is going to stop her from fulfilling her mission!

You know, there's a good comic in here somewhere, buried underneath the stilted dialogue. Writer Eric Trautmann doesn't seem to know how people normally talk, or maybe he lives in a part of town where two-bit muggers say, "Best be on your way, yeah?". He shines with Vampi's internal monologue, though, showing us her disgust with the evils that humans are capable of while cares enough to save us despite of it.

There are a few gems here and there, and Vampi shines in all of them. This is one badass vampiress, not afraid to break her nails while she breaks jaws and stakes hearts. Wagner Reis' art keeps up with the action well enough, all gritty and bloody just the way Vampirella likes it. I do have an issue with the numerous people flying through the air backwards for no apparent reason. They seem to have been punched or clobbered, but no evidence is shown of it happening.

I'd be remiss not to mention Vampirella's new costume. The covers show her wearing her iconic white-collared red thong suit and black boots. But inside she's gone the way of Wonder Woman, opting for slacks, a red shirt and a trench coat. A textbook bait-and-switch? Who knows. So far I'm okay with her street clothes, but I hope she goes back to her traditional costume down the line.

I really wanted this comic to succeed and give Red Sonja a run for her money, but so-so writing and art let this issue down. This could have been Vampirella's big break, and she should have burst into the comic scene fangs bared. As it is, it's pretty forgettable. This is a 2.5 out of 5.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Behold the Geek! Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks 3

Welcome to another installment of Behold the Geek!'s holiday gift guide for geeks! The holiday season is upon us, and if you're having trouble deciding what geeky gifts to give your friends, family or loved ones then these series of articles is for you.

We've covered geeky shirts and awesome books for gifts, and now let's look at toys! Toys never go out of fashion during the holidays...even grown-up geeks get to play with some! Here are some fun and geeky toy gift ideas for the geeks in your life.

Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime Cyber Sword (Toy Kingdom, P1,399.75)

Hear me out on this one, guys. Sure it's a over-sized roleplay sword based off of Optimus Prime's arm blades from the movie, filled with lights and sounds only kids might probably appreciate, but imagine if you will that you bought two of these as a gift for your Christmas exchange gift partner. Now imagine your friend dual-wielding two of these babies and screaming, "I'll take you all on!" as both of you re-enact the awesome forest fight scene from Revenge of the Fallen. Break out your wallets!

Iron Man 2 Mighty Muggs: Mark VI (Toys R Us, P1,199.75)

Mighty Muggs are Hasbro's line of cute vinyl toys with huge heads, Powerpuff Girl hands and lots of attitude. They're great for display and, if you're a dude, is sure to get some conversation going with girls who notice. Which is why you should get someone special this Christmas a Mugg or two. Might I suggest the Iron Man Mark VI from the Iron Man 2 movie toyline? It's the sleek and awesome movie armor design translated into the coolest Mighty Mugg ever!

Angry Birds Plush Toys ($14.99)

Ever played Angry Birds on the iPhone? I have (well, not on my iPhone, but on my office mate's), and I can attest to the strangely addictive yet frustrating feeling of launching mad birds on rickety pigs' houses. Now you can get the Angry Birds fan in your life the chance to own a licensed Angry Birds plush toy! These squishy toys are about 8 inches in height, and come in the different varieties of Angry Birds you see in the game! They're on pre-order here ready to ship by December.

The A-Team Van (Toy Kingdom, P1,000)

B.A. Baracus figure not included!

The A-Team van is one of the most iconic vehicles in pop culture, and now thanks to the recent movie remake of The A-Team, there's now an A-Team toy van available! I thought the movie was freakin' awesome, and you can spread the love by giving your geeky friends a 1:18 scale replica of B.A.'s beloved ride. It's got electronic sounds, a working side door and it fits most 1:18 scale figures (think G.I. Joes) in them. Sounds like a plan!

DC Universe Classics Action Figures (Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, P1,299.75)

DC Universe Classics are some of the best 6-inch action figures around, with some of the most popular characters (and even the most obscure ones!) from the DC universe getting the DCUC treatment. I know most of us geeks collect action figures already, even DCUC, but you can spread the love by gifting some to people who could use a good action figure to fiddle around with in the office. And hey, Blue Beetle here is in development for a live action treatment, so you can say it's official TV merchandise!

Harry Potter Infrared Battling Wand (ThinkGeek, $22.99)

Just in time to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (whew!) comes the Harry Potter Infrared Battling Wand from ThinkGeek. If you know a Harry Potter fan who'd want nothing better than to straight up duel random people on the street with glowing sticks, gift them with these! It's got real lights and sounds and lets you shoot infrared beams at your opponent while you duel, fulfilling people's dreams everywhere. Now there's a toy that does something good for the world!

And that wraps it up for my ideas for great holiday gifts for you and your geeky friends! If you've got other geeky gift ideas, send me a comment and let's talk about it! Now I can't wait for Christmas!

Thanks for reading!

BtG! Holiday Gift Guide: Shirts

BtG! Holiday Gift Guide: Comics/Books

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Week in Comics: November 19, 2010

Artifacts, blades, cowboys, demons and more pervade this week's comics! What have I gotten myself into? Read on to find out!

Marjorie Liu wraps up X-23's Wolverine Goes to Hell tie-in arc in X-23 #3. Laura continues to fight the demon currently possessing Wolverine, and she's going to lose that battle unless she summons the one thing inside her he can't beat!

I love Liu's scripting here. It's very introspective, which I think is a match for X-23. As a former assassin forced to kill, she's trying to find her way to becoming 'human' again, and Liu illustrated it beautifully here. It gets a bit melodramatic at times, but given the context of the story, I think it works. Props to Will Conrad for the killer art, but I especially liked Sana Takeda's work in the flashbacks. I'm a sucker for manga art, and I don't think I've ever seen a prettier X-23 than Takeda's. A good ending to a great starting story arc for X-23. This is a 4 out of 5.

In The Flash #6, Geoff Johns ends his The Dastardly Death of the Rogues story arc with a flourish, as The Flash is finally brought before a futuristic judge for the murder of the future Mirror Monarch, while the dastardly future Top is making sure his future is clean by cleansing the past the hard way!

It's a pretty convoluted set up, what with the Top trying to undo the wrongs of the future by changing the past which is scientifically proven to mess things up (or didn't Back to the Future teach him anything?), but Johns does his best to make it work.That, or he just thought to dazzle us enough with Flash's high-speed antics, which you'll get an eyeful here. All that fast and furious action was handled by Francis Manapul's pencils really well, and the literally sketchy nature of his art is absolutely growing on me. This a great book, and as a whole the arc was more than I could ever hope for in mainstream comic books. This one is an easy 4 out of 5.

Paul Dini hands over the reins to Zatanna to writer Adam Beechen in Zatanna #7, where Zee visits Hollywood to oversee the opening of a museum dedicated to magical paraphernalia from wizards and magicians long gone. Unfortunately for our Princess of Prestidigitation, the magical items gain a mind of its own, and it's dead set on ridding the world of force!

It's a satisfying done-in-one to say the least. Beechen's got Zatanna down pat, though the issue is a bit too wordy for my taste. Zatanna explains almost anything relevant to the plot in liberal detail, something a good flashback panel or two would have done better. But that's just me. There's action aplenty enough to get you interested, with Chad Hardin's art looking as good as ever. I still love all these little adventures, something most comics forget to do. So this one's an easy 3 out of 5.

Top Cow's Artifacts event chugs along with Artifacts #3, as The Darkness, The Witchblade, The Angelus and the Rapture come together to plan their next move. Unfortunately for them, the Big Bad is already amassing his own Artifact-wielders for a final showdown of ultimate destiny!

Again, another easily digested issue from writer Ron Marz. Three issues in and I don't think any newbie should be afraid of picking this up. Readers unfamiliar with the story and its players will find plenty of new information as well as a few exciting possiblities waiting for them on the horizon, while guys like me familiar with Top Cow are treated to an exciting build up to what promises to be an epic showdown. Alliances are formed, there are backstabbings (literally!) aplenty, and you really feel like you gotta find out what's next.

Michael Broussard's art continues to kick ass, although he really needs to work on his sequential storytelling. Panels that need drama, that need pop, simply don't. It kills the illusion and it's a shame, since this is a great book otherwise. While the $3.99 pricepoint for only 20 pages of story still sting, I think it's still worth a shot. I give this a 4 out of 5.

And so we come to The Sixth Gun #6. It's Sinclair, Becky, Billjohn and the residents of the Maw against General Hume's henchmen and the army of the undead! Last man standing wins!

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Hurtt have really outdone themselves with this issue. It's the ultimate wild west showdown with zombies, animated souls and the full powers of the six magical guns at work. Every twist is satisfying, every scene just builds up the tension until you come to the final face off between Hume and Sinclair, and where it goes from there has got to be read to be enjoyed. The art brings its own share of the weight, if not more. The rain-soaked zombies, the chilling atmosphere, the guns blazing lends the issue an epic feel to it, like you're watching the climax to the greatest western film of all time.

I don't think I've ever read a more satisfying and beautiful ending, or a more satisfying and beautiful storyarc in modern comics than this. I'm seriously geeking out at this stuff. It's that good. And there are more adventures to come? Bring it on! This one's a solid 6 out of 5. Don't waste your time on other comics. Pick this up now. Pick up the first five issues while you're at it. Do it!

Wow! Now that's how you give people a great week in comics, guys! Heck, that's an understatement if I ever wrote one. This is an awesome week in comics! Agree? Disagree? Why aren't you reading The Sixth Gun yet? Drop me a comment below and let's talk about it! That has to be rectified! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Behold the Geek! Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks 2

Welcome to another installment of Behold the Geek!'s holiday gift guide for geeks! The holiday season is upon us, and if you're having trouble deciding what to give your geeky friends, family or loved ones then these series of articles is for you. The comic book geek, the music geek, the movie geek...they all need some loving this festive season, and I've got some gift ideas to help you along!

We've already covered trendy and geeky apparel in my last article, and today we'll be looking at something near and dear to my heart...comic books! Graphic novels, floppies, whatever you like to call them, they're fun and thoughtful gifts to give your comic book geek...or someone you want to turn into one!

Tomo vol. 1 to 7 (Powerbooks and National Bookstore, P175 each)

If you've got a pamangkin or budding tween geek that needs gifting, you can't go wrong with Tomo, an adventure manga from Zondervan Publishing. Tomo is the story of Hana, a thirteen-year-old ninja-in-training trying to survive in an American high school while fulfilling her destiny as savior of an alternate world. I've reviewed the first two volumes here (I'm already up to volume 7) and I assure you this is one kick-ass book series that kids can learn from and enjoy. Get them one volume, or if you love them enough, get them all (it's up to volume 7 right now)! They'll be glad you did.

Neko Ramen vol 1: Hey! Order Up! (Planet X Comics, P550)

I've been raving about this hilarious manga series for a while now, and so I highly recommend we all pay it forward by getting this for your cat-loving, manga-reading loved ones for the holidays. Neko Ramen is the story of Taisho, a cat who runs a ramen shop who dreams of making it big in the business. Let me say that again: a cat who runs a ramen shop. Who doesn't like those? Get your wallets ready!

Marvel Essentials (Fully Booked, prices may vary)

With the Captain America, Thor and even Avengers movies coming up on the horizon, the best gift you can give someone is to brush them up with their history with some Marvel Essentials. They're cheap reprints of massive Golden Age and Silver Age runs of Marvel's most popular properties. Essentials usually have 20-30 issues crammed in one book, and costs less than 6 or 7 of the latest 22-page comic books! They're also easily accessible, and anyone can pick these up and enjoy them immediately. It's a gift that's definitely a bang for your buck.

Annihilation (Fully Booked, Book 1 and 2 - P1,245. Book 3 - P1,455)

Annihilation is Marvel's crossover event that jump-started the modern cosmic era, bringing back from limbo their space-faring characters and the worlds they inhabit. Annihilus, the old Fantastic Four baddie, set his sights on our universe, destroying worlds in his wake. It's up to a handful of heroes, let by a souped-up Nova the Human Rocket to save the entire universe from total annihilation!

If you've got a sci-fi geek for an exchange gift partner, your money's better spent on giving them the trade paperbacks collecting all the tie-ins to Annihilation and the 6-issue event itself spread through three volumes. I'm still waiting on somebody to get me these, but alas one must give to receive!

Power Girl: A New Beginning/Power Girl: Aliens and Apes TPBs (Fully Booked, P725)

A beautiful heroine who proudly pronunciates her prodigious pectoral expanses while battling primates and prime evils...that's Power Girl's very first solo series for you! Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray served up a fun romp with their 12-issue run, and you can spread the love by getting your Secret Santa a trade paperback collecting Power Girl's first 12 issues! It's got some fun superhero action, and Amanda Conner draws a really, really great Power Girl. It's like a match made in heaven!

The DC Encyclopedia/The Marvel Encyclopedia
(Powerbooks, P1,765 each)

Turn your loved ones into walking comic book encyclopedias with DK Publishing's line of encyclopedias dedicated to the two biggest comic book publishers DC and Marvel. Trivia-lovers will find tons of stuff to enjoy in these books, like comprehensive A to Z listings of DC and Marvel's characters, fun trivia, quizzes and the oh so beautiful pictures. Gift this to yourself, or make someone smile with these under their Christmas tree.

Absolute All-Star Superman (Fully Booked, P4,199)

If you're feeling a little bit generous, get your comic book geek giftee the Absolute All-Star Superman hardcover collecting Grant Morrison's 12-issue love song to the Man of Steel. Maxi-sized for maximum enjoyment and with a beautiful slipcase cover illustrated by series artist Frank Quitely, any geek would be proud to display this on their bookshelf.

These are just some of my humble suggestions on ideal gifts to give your geeky loved ones this Christmas. If you think you know of other comic books and comic-related literature that make great holiday gifts, leave me a comment below and let the readers know! Watch out for the final installment of my holiday gift guide, where I'll be looking at toys, toys and more toys! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Behold the Geek! Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks 1

You can taste in the air...the season of giving is here! I'm a big fan of the saying, "To give is to receive."...if everybody just gave, nobody would be short of things to receive! So in the spirit of the season (and for fun), I decided to make a holiday gift guide to help you choose the perfect presents for you geeky friends, family or loved ones. The comic book geek, the music geek, the movie geek...they're all needing a little bit of love this festive season, so send some their way!

Let's start with a great and easy gift idea: shirts! If you're looking for an affordable, non-fussy gift to give to a geeky loved one, these printed shirts are the way to go. Here are some places to get you started!

(NOTE: While I'm focusing more on stuff accessible to my fellow Pinoys, I'll be showing my international audience some love too, so no worries!)

Geekerie (

For your discerning geek friends and family, give them the gift of Geekerie shirts. They've got sublime yet bitchin' designs, like the Bazinga! shirt. Pile on your nerd status! (Bazinga! shirt, P350)

T-Tees (

Your music geek Secret Santa will love a shirt from T-Tees. They specialize in fan shirts, but they've got some cool statement shirts too. Grab a 2NE1 shirt from them and get your friend to sing I Don't Care with you. (2NE1 "Let's Play" shirt, P350. Got Cosplay? shirt, P300)

Electromagnetic Tentacle (

When comics and Pinoy pop culture mash up, you get Electromagnetic Tentacle. If your geeky friend likes his or her shirts with a sense of humor, you can't go wrong with these. (Green Parol shirt, P500. Ghost Pedicabber shirt, P500)

The T-Shirt Project (

The T-Shirt Project is an umbrella corporation (hee!) made up of different shirt brands, all of them awesome. Might I suggest giving the gift of an ironic Taga-Iron Man shirt? Or how about a traditional Game Over shirt? I'm lovin' these! (Taga Iron Man shirt from Spoofs, P450. Game Over shirt from Project X, P450)

Threadless (

Threadless has some funky and cool shirt designs anyone can be proud to wear, but their comics and video game stuff are a step above awesome. Give the comic book geek in your life a Captain Obvious shirt and watch them worship you. (Captain Obvious shirt, $18)

ThinkGeek (

Aside from providing geeks with all sorts of geeky doodads, they've got the perfect shirts for your friend who likes their d20's or their overclocked gaming units. (The Dice Are Trying to Kill Me shirt, $15.99 - $17.99. Try Another Hole shirt, $15.99 - $17.99.)

These are just some of the many shirts out there that might be perfect for that special geek in your life. If you have other suggestions on where to get more geeky shirts, leave a comment below! Of course, this is just stop numero uno on our journey to the world of geeky gift giving. Join us next time as we take a look at gifts you can give to your bookish loved ones! Thanks for reading.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Week in Comics: November 12, 2010

Batman and Robin analogues and Batman himself in this week's comics! What's in store for me this week? Read on to find out!

I loved Paul Cornell during his stint as writer for Captain Britain and the MI:13, so when he was pegged as the writer for DC's Knight and Squire, I immediately jumped at the chance to read his stories again. The first issue of Knight and Squire was quirky and had a thick English accent, but it was a good enough first-issue set up. How does Knight and Squire #2 fare?

In this ish, our heroes find themselves going up against dastardly Morris Men, guys in black hats and bell sticks who want to revert England to a time when everyone was happy, hetero and white using magic. Cornell takes this opportunity to flesh out our heroes more, drawing parallels with Batman and Robin while making them unique at the same time with their own motivations and reasons for being Knight and Squire. They work as a sort of fun throwback to the superheroism of old, where secret bases, identities and being heroes weren't taken for granted. It helps that Jimmy Broxton's keeps up with their madcap adventures with his clean and stylized art.

While I certainly found it interesting, it's not as accessible as Cornell's other works. Most of the British slang and colloquialisms buzz over my head as quickly as they come. While Cornell does provide notes at the end of each issue (kinda like Brits for Dummies), the hook, the excitement that would keep a reader interested in what you have to say would have been gone by then. I wanted to like it, but the headaches won over this round. This is a 3 out of 5.

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #6 came out this week, even though most of the payoff that happens because of this book have already been spoiled to hell and back. But still, it's a pretty epic send-off to the remaining loose ends of DC's previous mega event, Final Crisis.

So Darkseid used Batman as his one final revenge against the world, sending the Caped Crusader back in time and making him claw his way back to the present, building up Omega Sanction energy through the years and dooming us the moment he steps foot in our time...high concepts only Grant Morrison could have thought up. While most of it works, it's all just...there. Without proper build up, which most of the ideas in this series didn't have time to do, it's all fluff. And I'm not here to read fluff, I'm here to read a coherent story.

Still, the book does have its moments, like Batman trapping the evil within him long enough for the Justice League to come and stop it. "You were too powerful and dangerous to beat at time's end..." Bruce says, just as the JLA come bursting through time. "But right now, in an age of're just another monster for my friends to practice on." Cue awesome.

Morrison's ideas are bigger than the comic books they're published on. The most they can do with them is this stuttering, confusing mesh of concepts and ideas that sounded better when it was written on Morrison's notepad. I really wanted to like this series, but as epic as it sounds (and I have to admit, it is pretty epic), there's just too much in here for me to digest. This is a staggering 3 out of 5.

Two pretty okay books this week. Not the result I wanted, but there's still next week's comics! Agree? Disagree? Any Brits out there want to weigh in on what I read here? Drop me a comment below and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Webcomics I Love: The Dawn Chapel

Another Wednesday means another webcomic I love! Check out this fanciful and fun webcomic called The Dawn Chapel (

The Dawn Chapel is the work of a strange, strange man who tells stories about raccoons, firefoxes, figuratively sick people and other miscellany, all in delicious watercolor! If you're looking to dive into some great, light stories featuring cute animals and stark randomness, you'd feel right at home in The Dawn Chapel.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Beach Queens Baka to Test 1/10 Scale PVC Figure: Himeji Mizuki Review

Beach Queens are a series of PVC figures from Wave Corporation, focusing on female anime characters in swimwear (hence the beach in the title). They've done some popular characters like Saber (Fate Stay/Night), Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) and even the entire cast of K-On! One of the latest additions to the series is Himeji Mizuki, one of the main characters from the light novel/manga/anime Baka to Test to Shokanju, which I won't go into detail here. Needless to say she's the pink-haired, bookish princess of the series, captured swimmingly (hee!) in this Beach Queens figure I'm reviewing today.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Mizuki here comes in a Beach Queens box. The huge clear plastic window lets you see all of her details, and peeps who might like to display Mizuki inside her box can do so without any trouble.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Mizuki is sandwiched between two molded plastic trays, preventing her from being jostled around during transit or when your little brother wants to play catch-the-expensive-figurine with her.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Once taken out of her plastic prison, Mizuki is one cute figure. She's roughly six inches tall, and she fills out her bikini nicely with her voluptuous curves (weird considering her anime is set in some sort of high school Hogwarts, which makes her a teenager, but hey, Japan!). The paint on her is crisp and surprisingly without slop. She might look pretty plain, but whatever details she has definitely pop, like her huge anime eyes or the flyaways in her hair. I especially like her happy expression gazing at something from a distance. Heart-melting!

And I was surprised to learn that she has a ball-jointed head! She can only turn her head as far as her huge hair allows, but the fact that an otherwise static figure has that sort of articulation is pretty cool.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Her feet peg onto the pentagonal display base included with her. The base mimics a grainy slice of beach, completing Mizuki's beach-clad look.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Another sort-of accessory she comes with is the small pink towel wrapped around her waist. It's made of very soft plastic, and according to the box art (which shows her without the towel) it's removable. It didn't tab into anything at closer inspection, and I can't just slip it off her since it fit pretty snugly around her waist, so I looked for the instructions included in the box on how to remove it.

Except there weren't any instructions included in the box.

Wait, what?

Yes, there were no instructions on how to remove that blasted towel from her waist. Other Japanese figurines like Figma and Revoltech had instructions for even the most rudimentary of things like removing their shoes or swapping faces, but Beach Queens apparently let you figure it out for yourself. After minutes of puzzling it over, I found out that she pulls apart by the waist, allowing you to gingerly slide off the towel.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
I don't mind not having instructions, but I would definitely feel sorry for the people who might unwittingly break their figure the first time they try to remove that towel. Be very careful when putting on or removing the towel, since it's kept in one piece by literally one micrometer of plastic...pull too hard and might make you end up with one broken towel!

Without the towel, Mizuki looks hot. The tiny pink bikini is simply sugar-coated eye candy, and the juxtaposition of her cute face and awfully curvaceous body will mess with your head in a good way.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
My only beef is that two halves of her body don't snap together as snugly as you might like, and it's cringing-ly evident when viewed from behind, where she might have a pretty big gap for a waistline, depending on how hard you pushed her upper and lower body together.

But even with all my nitpicky complaints, I have to say it's money well spent. This is my first PVC figure and the cutest figure I have ever owned. I knew nothing of this character when I first saw her, buying her solely on the basis of how cute her design is, which is a pretty big vote of confidence for Wave Corporation.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to ShokanjuBeach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Bottom line, if you're looking for an anime figurine that looks good without breaking your budget, and if you love your busty pink-haired girls in bikinis, then Wave's Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki figure is for you.

Beach Queens Himeji Mizuki Baka to Test to Shokanju
Thanks to Wasabi Toys for hooking me up with this figure! Thanks for reading!

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