Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

ANIME WEEK: 5 Anime Series with Awesome Friendships

ANIME WEEK continues here at Behold the Geek! And today's Top 5 Thursdays post lists down examples of awesome bonds of friendship in anime! Check out the list after the jump!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ANIME WEEK: Anime Songs for Any Occasion

It's ANIME WEEK here at Behold the Geek!, and today is the day we rock out to some anime soundtrack music!

They say the music we play is the soundtrack of our lives, and what better music to listen to than some cool songs from anime! Whatever you're feeling, whatever you're doing, there's always the perfect anime song to accompany it!

These are the anime songs you listen to when...

Waking up in the morning...

What better way to wake up to a kawaii morning than listening to some Ho-kago Tea Time? Cagayake! GIRLS' sugary sweet yet j-pop beat is ideal for when you need to get genki for your day.

Crushing on someone...

Feelin' melancholic over that special someone who has grabbed your heart with a rare intensity? Put this on play and watch the feels wash over you.

Confessing your love...

Even the lyrics goad you on to man up and tell that special someone you like them very, very, very, very much.

Arriving at your school/office...

Naruto Shippuden's first OP is a great entrance song. Walk into your office/classroom listening to this and watch sparks fly.

Writing reports, assignments, etc...

Courtesy of Death Note, Light Yagami's leitmotif for when doing something dastardly in the anime is an awesome accompaniment for when jotting down notes or minutes in a meeting. Just be careful to write normally.

Doing ANYTHING mundane (washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc...)...

Seriously. Guren no Yumiya is so damn catchy and glorious it makes anything you do while listening to it awesome by association. Play this while cutting potatoes or washing dishes and feel yourself doing it 10x faster and angrier.  Warning: DO NOT listen to this while driving or you'll find your foot involuntarily reaching for the gas pedal.


These are just some examples of everyday feelings and happenings made more awesome with anime music! So what other cool soundtracks from anime is good to listen to when the occasion calls for it? Leave us some suggestions via the comment box below!

Thanks to my friend Kat from for the help in choosing songs! And thank YOU for reading! Stay tuned for more ANIME WEEK awesomeness tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ANIME WEEK: Superheroes in Anime

It's ANIME WEEK here at Behold the Geek! And since I'm a huge superhero comic book fan, I thought it would be fun if I shine the spotlight on anime superheroes, and the parallels they have with the Western comic book heroes you and I are familiar with!

Read more about superheroes in anime after the jump!

Monday, September 23, 2013


I'll be unleashing my hitherto unknown love for all things moe, tanoshii and freakin' kawaii all this week! From the power of friendship to fanservice, it's a week you shouldn't miss!

ANIME WEEK (Day 2): Superheroes in Anime

ANIME WEEK (Day 3): Anime Songs for Any Occasion

ANIME WEEK (Day 4): 5 Anime Series with Awesome Friendships

ANIME WEEK (Day 5): A Megane/Meganekko Tribute

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Week in Comics: Zero #1

He's gruff. He's tough. He's called Edward Zero, and he's the guy you send in when you really need something done. But in Image Comics' Zero #1, he seems to have bitten off more than he can chew when he's sent in to retrieve a stolen bio-tech weapon in the middle of a war zone!

It's hard not to compare Zero with other 'superhuman black ops'-type stories that have been done before (Warren Ellis' Global Frequency, particularly the 'Big Wheel' story, come to mind). There's certainly a 'been-there, done-that' feel to the book, which is a shame. I guess there's only so many stories of its ilk you can tell that would make for compelling comic books, or at least comic books you haven't read before.

Standing on its own merits, though, Zero #1 is a good effort between writer Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh. Edward Zero is ever the stoic badass, even in the face of certain death between two super-enhanced combatants. The majority of the book is one big fight scene actually, and in between the fisticuffs and falling ceilings we're given some nice snippets of Zero's storied past and very capable present, even if it does often tread on familiar territory. It sputters in some parts though, particularly in a surprise sex scene in the middle of the book that brings the tension of Zero's mission to an abrupt stop. It's a confusing choice and one that I felt didn't need to be shoe-horned in there, much less in the middle of an already exciting chase scene!

As Zero's gritty world calls for gritty art, artist Michael Walsh and colorist Jordie Bellaire delivers it in spades. Walsh isn't afraid to get down, dirty and bloody when it comes to showing a fight between two super-enhanced combatants, and Bellaire's earthy palette compliments that grittiness well.

It's hard not to feel jaded about this, which is no fault of Zero at all. I've seen and read some really good comics in the same vein as Zero, so I guess it set some expectations it unfortunately did not meet. Zero #1 might not blow anyone's minds just yet, but there's a little something here that will pique the interests of those new to the genre, even if better options lie elsewhere. This gets a 3.5 out of 5.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pacific Rim's Jaegers are going Chibi

The apocalypse will be cuteness!

What you're seeing is a super-deformed figure of the Jaeger called Cherno Alpha seen in the movie Pacific Rim, and it is the work of a Japanese dude (?) with the Twitter handle @setonohideri. He has posted pictures of his progress on his Twitter, and everyone's freaking out at the sheer craftsmanship of it all, not to mention that it is totes adorbs.

I've never wanted something so bad in my life. Check out more pics of chibi Cherno Alpha and even chibi Crimson Typhoon on his Twitter page!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It begins...

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. Time flies so fast!

Hold on to yer butts coz we're revving up the party train in celebration of Behold the Geek!'s ninth anniversary! Are you ready? ARE YOU READY?!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avengers Assemble Series Black Widow and Hulk Toy Review

During my infrequent 'toy runs' at Toy Kingdom, I saw these Marvel figures on the shelves. I ignored them, of course (I've made peace with the fact that I'll never get a single Marvel Universe figure in toy stores ever /manly tear)...that is, until I saw these wicked-looking Hulk and Black Widow figures staring me in the face.

It's a sign. A sign that I have figures to review.

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