Monday, October 25, 2004

die already!

Consider this as a hate essay. I'm sorry if anybody reading this gets his or her sensibilities offended, but rest assured that this essay is all that: a hate essay. I'm really pissed off today, but somebody just ticked me off the wrong way...all without lifting a finger. My hate needs a scapegoat so I don't vent it out on real people, so I don't explode in front of my crush, so I don't really do it in real life. Call it escapist nonfiction.

I hate you. I desperately need you to die. I want to hang you upside down and dunk your head in a barrel full of Coke and leave you to drown. I want to take a strong bamboo stick and whack your smug, annoying face with it. Heck, you're as interesting as an amoeba in heat. You inconsiderate piece of shit. I mean, why the heck are you here for?

Wait, on second thought, I want you to die a slow, slow death. I want to hear every note of every scream you make as I tie you to a stretcher and saw your fingers one by one with a bread knife. I want to see your life drain out the stubs that used to be your fingers and laugh at you like you always laughed at me.

And when you go to hell, which i know you will, I want the red guy to be standing at the gates, waiting for your wretched soul so he can claim you as his own and send you to the dark, dank pits of Hell, where you will writhe in agony and pain in the fires of his little convection oven.

Jeez, I so desperately want you to die so I wouldn't have to deal with your sick, perverse and annoying existence anymore. I don't care if anybody's feelings will get hurt with this, or if anybody will miss you when you die, I just want you to.


As a disclaimer, I have nothing against this person I'm condemning to hell nor do I have any serious thoughts for murder. I'd rather have fate arrange that. I just want to let out some stress. You won't believe how pissed off I am today.

Good night, everyone. :)

1 comment:

  1. i wouldn't want to get on your extremely bad side then.


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